Gods Way

A priest once told me that when you pray to God for patience, He doesn't hand you patience on a silver platter. He gives you an opportunity to be patient because that's when you learn how to be patient. When you pray to God for strength and courage, it won't come flying in from Heaven, you'll be put in a situation where you'll have to work for strength and courage.

I know God is just testing me, He's testing me, He's testing you but most of all, He's testing us. Call me superstitious or crazy but I've seen this before. I've seen His grace working so many times already and I know that it's His doing again. I can see it and I can feel it.

You've probably heard so many stories about couples like us with situations similar to what we're in right now and I understand. You're looking for closure and assurance. However, the difference with guys from those other couples compared to me is that they don't end up like me right now. They don't have what it takes and they just don't want to change. I've changed and you yourself said that you see the change in me right now. The question that remains is for how long? I know myself better than you know me. You hate the old me but you'll love the new me. This change is permanent. People around me who don't know what's going on, notice the change in me. That's why I'm just waiting for you to come back to me. You'll see.

I'm alone now and I'm cramped up in my room all the time but yet, He still manages to give me signs that my prayers and efforts are not in vain. I prayed for patience and He's giving me an opportunity to be patient. I have been every night. I prayed for strength and courage and what I'm going through right now is definitely what I asked for. I pray that I won't lose the girl that I'm with right now and He has helped strengthen our bond. I now know that after this we'll survive the test of time and distance without even trying. God loves us and wants us to be together. I don't have high hopes. This is called faith, faith in Him and faith in us.


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